Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Being the Light of the World

The Divine Office readings during this season of Ordinary Time of the Liturgical calendar has directed our minds toward the stuff of life that we can see, touch, feel, smell. Our Creator God breathes life into his creation so that his creation can breathe sanctifying life into our souls.  Seeds, dust, wheat, oil, salt, water, light....All sacramental offerings (beacons) for us to inspire our journey in holiness and toward wholeness. Sacred Scripture is full of accounts where the ordinary was made extraordinary in revealing the depth of God's love for us.   

Today's readings guide our prayer through Psalm 8, Genesis 1, I Kings 17, Psalm 4 and Matthew 5.  Creation... oil and flour....salt....light. All for one purpose, that everyone in our corner of the world will see our good deeds and glorify our Heavenly Father.

Light--what a lovely thing that is, which we are told we are.  It enables people to see things distinctly and as what they are....
It warms, it heals, it penetrates, it gives life, it gives color and beauty to everything that it touches. It is the light of the sun that renews the earth; it was the light of a star that proclaimed Christ's birth.
It is light that guides ships to safety through deep seas, light that welcomes us from far off from the window of home...
It is in the home, where we are over-familiar with the simplicities that ought to lift our heart and mind to God, and where suffering, because it is our own or, worse still, our children's, is hard to see in the sense of glory, or to welcome, even though it may start the world healing...
Those who are one with Christ, who do see with his vision and insight, look at everything from the point of view of our heavenly Father, not only because he is omnipotent-that would not move pigmy men-but because his love for us, rightly understood, is the only real and lasting source of our delight, the only thing that can reconcile us to our suffering, and the only thing that can overcome the fears and the gnawing anxiety which beset us.
                                      --Caryll Houselander (British mystic, poet, and spiritual teacher)

Light of the World, you are our light and our salvation, our stronghold. Save us from our own anxieties and fears with your penetrating conviction and your merciful chastising so that your perfect Light would be seen through our imperfect love for others.

Light of the World, our minds are often darkened by prejudice, assumption, resentment, anger, fear, and unforgiveness.  Forgive us for choosing to live by the dimness of our own light.  Flood our hearts and minds with your Light so that your countenance shines in us and through us.

Light of the World, inflame us, burn away the sins that beset us. Purify us: spotless, brilliant, pure reflections of your Light.

Light of the World, illuminate our hearts so that we may see others how you see them--beloved children of God.



  1. Thanks for the great reminder to keep our hearts, eyes, and mind searching for the light. There are many things that tempt me to turn away (social issues, politics, family problems, etc...) and look to "something else" to console me. But Jesus is my light, my love.

  2. Mary, the readings this week have been spot on for me! "Turn your eyes upon Jesus and the things of this world grow strangely dim" I've been humming this to myself. We need to get together next week. I see Fr. Norfolk Monday. If Tuesday works with you that would be great. Lois

  3. Good to see you at the wellness center. I'm off all next week,l et me know what works for you.

  4. Good to see you at the wellness center. I'm off all next week,l et me know what works for you.

  5. Good to see you at the wellness center. I'm off all next week,l et me know what works for you.