Saturday, April 30, 2016

More Saints Please

   "A few years ago I had to call in a woman doctor, an exile, who had been in a concentration camp in Germany for refusing to sterilize epileptic children. She was taking care of one of the women in the house. As she left she said, recognizing the apparent hopelessness of our word for the most destitute, 'The only thing you can do for these sick and aged ones is to make them happy.' I have often thought of that since, when people have asked us about the work, what we were trying to do; it seemed very simple to say, 'We are trying to make people happy'...
   We want to be happy, we want others to be happy, we want to see some of this joy of life which children have, we want to see people intoxicated with God, or just filled with the good steady joy of knowing that Christ is King and that we are his flock and he has prepared for us a kingdom, and that God loves us as a father loves his children, as a bridegroom loves his bride, and that eye hath not seen nor ear heard what God hath prepared for us!'...
   Father Henri de Lubac, S.J. wrote recently, 'It is not the proper duty of Christianity to form leaders-that is, builders of the temporal, although a legion of Christian leaders is infinitely desirable. Christianity must generate saints-that is, witnesses to the eternal. The efficacy of the saint is not that of the leader. The saint does not have to bring about great temporal achievements; he is one who succeeds in giving us at least a glimpse of eternity despite the thick opacity of time.'"

--Servant of God Dorothy Day
(Dorothy Day was the founder of the Catholic Worker movement.)

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