Saturday, April 9, 2016

Mercy in Deed

"To comfort the sorrowful is a spiritual work of mercy because it strengthens the human spirit in its weakest moral moment of sadness, just as the Holy Spirit strengthens the whole Church and all her members. To comfort is to fortify the soul: strengthening the intellect to understand the cause of sorrow and the means of its cure, and strenthening the will in order to keep faith in the face of discouragement..."
--Father George William Rutler

We are Mary of Magdala scorned by the crowd--May we reveal Christ who comforts others who suffer the ruthless scorn of those who will not seek to understand their pain.

We are Mary of Magdala rejected because of our position in life--May we  reflect Christ as we come alongside those who idly wander from one distraction to another in search of love, acceptance and forgiveness. 

We are Mary of Magdala bowed low in humiliation by our accusers--May we reveal Christ to the marginalized as an advocate and defender.

We are Mary of Magdala outcast--May we see as Christ who sees beyond the actions of the body into the heart of the accused. 

We are Mary of Magdala misunderstood and stereotyped--May we reflect Christ to the races that are maligned and misunderstood because they are other than our crowd.

We are Mary of Magdala seeking a savior--May we serve Christ the Savior in our touch, our words, our eyes...Mercy, Peace, Long-Suffering in the skin of our humanity.

We are Mary of Magdala forgiven when we thought we were beyond forgiving--May we reach as Christ who bows low to anoint others with our presence in the face their greatest despair. 

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