Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Mystery of the Epiphany

Oh, when will that blessed day come on which we shall do as the Wise Men did, and, leaving everything, give ourselves to God?

I say, my brethren, that their faithfulness to their calling was strong; they overcame every difficulty and hindrance which stood in their way, so as to follow the star. And what sacrifices they had to make! They had to leave their country, their palaces, their families, and their kingdom, or in other words, they had to leave everything which was most dear to them in this world.

To part from them they underwent the fatigues of a long and troublesome journey, and all this of a very cold season of the year: everything seemed to stand in the way of their undertaking. How much ridicule did they not have to put up with from their equals, and even from people? But no! Nothing daunts them from undertaking this important journey. You see here plainly, my brethren, that the merit of the true faith consists in this: that we sacrifice all that which we love best to obey the voice of grace which calls to us.

   --St. John Vianney

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