Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Vocational Life of Priests and Nuns


     The currents of modern American history set into motion  many trends that entrenched in the trajectory of the post-modern culture.  One of the questionable trends, the diminishment of respect for the priesthood threatened to erode the integrity of the Church. Vatican II was the Church's Sacred Authority's correction to what was threatening it in the culture. Vocations (priesthood and religious) within the Church stand fast with the Church's historical understanding of priestly authority and the sacrament of celibacy because of the integrity of the Sacred Authority. We've included a link to Bishop-elect Robert Barron's response to how Vatican II established an authoritative reponse to the fall out of post-modernity.

     The 22 councils of The Catholic Church have convened over its 2,000 plus years from Christ's establishment of it through His disciples.  Nearly all of those councils were convened because of heresies that arose within the Church or were threatening the Sacred Tradition of the Church. We are Catholic Christians because of the Sacred Authority, Sacred Scriptures and Sacred Tradition that has stood firm for  over 2,000 years. Solid ground, solid foundation, solid theology, solid doctrine.

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